Des Le Roy 

Telephone: 07593 445899.


I am passionate about what I do and having spent 35 years in the corporate world, I know only too well how the pressures of everyday life can impact on your wellbeing and how difficult it is to restore balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine supports the whole person mind, body and spirit in an integrated holistic approach to health.


I graduated from the internationally renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine where I studied the BSc degree course. I am licenced by and a member of The British Acupuncture Council, bound by their codes of Professional and Safe Practice. I am registered with SODC and conform to their guidelines for safe practice.


I practice an integrated 5 Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine style of acupuncture. Combined with other non-needling techniques such as Cupping, Tui Na (massage) and Gua Sha, acupuncture influences the Qi (chee) of your body to restore balance and promote health and wellbeing.


Please call to book in a 20-minute free consultation to find out how these ancient therapies can help you. 


Acupuncture is part of an ancient system of medicine based on a belief that energy flows smoothly throughout the body and if the smooth flow of energy is disturbed then illness may result. Injury, illness, lifestyles and emotional stress can all cause such disturbances to your energy system.  



Acupuncture seeks to restore the smooth flow of Qi by treating not only the symptoms but also by identifying and treating the underlying causes of the disharmony. Each person is different and therefore each treatment will be specifically created for the individual taking into account the whole of the person: mind, body and spirit.


Acupuncture is safe and is used by many people to help with a broad range of symptoms and conditions. 



The latest research into conditions for which Acupuncture is often used can be found on the British Acupuncture Council web-site at  The fact sheets available include conditions such as:





Back Pain

Bell’s palsy

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Colds and Flu





Female Infertility

Frozen Shoulder


Gastrointestinal disorders





Male Infertility

Menopause symptoms


Nausea and vomiting

Post operative pain

Pregnancy and labour





Sports Injuries

Substance misuse

A World Health Organisation report into conditions that the authors believe can be treated with Acupuncture is also available on the British Acupuncture Council web-site at


Acupuncture is complimentary to any treatment you are receiving and not to replace it. If you are concerned about your health please do consult your existing health care professionals first.