My treatment room at Lifestyles is separated from the gym environment. 

My training as an acupuncturist includes exhaustive procedures for maintaining the safety of my clients. As a member of the BAcC I conform to their  Code of Safe Practice which includes procedures and practices specifically designed to minimise the risk of cross infection. 

In addition my practice set-up and procedures have been reviewed by a member of SODC's Health and Safety Team prior to my approval to practice. 

Such procedures mean that most items, such as Needles and Gua Sha tools are only ever used once and the remainder, such as cupping cups, are used only once before being sterilized. All surfaces, including the treatment couch are cleaned with alcohol sanitizers between patients. There are hand washing facilities in the treatment room and alcohol and alcohol free hand sanitizers  are available. 

In response to the Covid -19 Pandemic I have adopted further procedures that help to maintain social distancing and are further designed to minimise the risk to patients. These procedures include:

  • 30 Minute break between clients to ensure the waiting area is used as little as possible and for additional sanitizing of the treatment room between each client.

  • Car to treatment room service. If you let me know you have arrived by text, I will come and collect you when the area is free and take you direct to the treatment room. If you don't use a mobile phone then confirm that this is your preference and I will come and find you at the appointed time.

  • Single use face masks and gloves will be available for all patients on entering the building.